Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Feeling Begins....

The name of the first track from the Soundtrack to the Last Temptation of of Peter Gabriel's best works.  This blog is clearly not worthy of sharing the same title.

However, as will be common for this blog, the ideas will quite often be borrowed.  Think of this blog as more of a mix tape rather than original music.   Many times, the thoughts will be more emotional and aspirational rather than rational.  The punctuation will likely be flawed as much as some of the references.

This is not a blog to motivate or to tell the world how great I am/we are.  Rather, in this very complex inter web, there is that chance that when I scream my own very interesting thoughts out into the ether, I might attract a few equally interesting thoughts back.  Somewhere in that moment, perhaps my hopes, fears and frustrations will have some company.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss topics in healthcare information technology.  I will not share with you what I have learned at the supermarket, or raising my children, or taking a train in India.

I am stuck in moment.  The moment when so much is possible, yet it hasn't happened yet.  I'm firmly convinced that the revolution will come....just not where we are looking for it.


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